Applying for Your Green Card  


Do you plan to file for a green card without an attorney because representation is too expensive?  Or are you turning to an online service like or in order to save on the costs of an attorney?

Both of these options can cause big problems.  Attorney representation is critical in the field of immigration law because only an experienced attorney can tell you if you are eligible to file for a green card and what steps you need to take in your particular circumstances.  Factors such as having entered the country unlawfully, having made a false claim of U.S. citizenship on a job application, and having criminal incidents in your past can all affect your application.  Online green card services do not address these issues thoroughly, and this can lead to disaster.  Worse, if you file your green card yourself, you might not know about these issues in the first place.

Consider instead hiring John L. Wheaton, Attorney at Law, to represent you in your green card application.  Mr. Wheaton charges a reasonable flat fee of $2,000.  As a solo practitioner, Mr. Wheaton is able to keep his costs down, which results directly in client savings.  For Mr. Wheaton’s reasonable flat fee you get:

  1.  An in-person or phone consultation to help you evaluate your options.
  2.  Detailed correspondence explaining the forms required and evidence needed.
  3.  Attorney preparation of immigration forms.
  4.  Unlimited phone assistance when help is needed during the case.
  5.  Preparation of the final green card application.
  6.  An in-person or phone practice session to prepare you for your green card interview.
  7.  Attorney representation at your interview (if in state of WA).

Please call John L. Wheaton, Attorney at Law at 206-829-8214 if you are interested in speaking with an attorney about your green card case.