Assault Lawyer

An assault conviction in the state of Washington can affect your life dramatically.  An assault conviction can affect your ability to get a job or even find housing.   In addition, an assault conviction can affect your immigration status if you are a non-citizen, especially if the assault involves domestic violence.  This is why you need an experienced criminal defense attorney like John L. Wheaton, Attorney at Law, to help you win your case.

There are several degrees of assault in the state of Washington.   These begin with fourth-degree assault, which is a gross misdemeanor.  The degrees of assault go up from there based on the severity of the harm caused, who the victim was, and whether a weapon was used.  For example, an assault against a bus driver constitutes third-degree assault, which is a felony.  An assault with a deadly weapon can be charged as a second-degree assault. An assault that inflicts great bodily harm is a first-degree assault.

If you have been charged with an assault offense in the state of Washington, it is very important that you hire an experienced lawyer to represent you in your case.  John L. Wheaton, Attorney at Law, can take various actions that could improve the outcome of your case.  For example, it may be possible to file a motion to have the judge prevent the prosecutor from presenting certain evidence in your case.  In addition, Mr. Wheaton can negotiate with the prosecutor to try to reduce the charges that you are facing.  Finally, Mr. Wheaton can represent you diligently if you decide to take your case to trial.

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